Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"You Choose, You Learn."

OK, so bringing it back down after yesterday's temper tantrum...

So, in my dual quest to both cut back on caffeine and to maintain a better level of hydration, I have become quite the drinker of herbal tea. I try to make sure I have a decent variety, and also try new flavors, because drinking the same thing over and over again just gets boring.
One particularly stressful afternoon, while perusing the tea aisle of SuperOne, I found this:

Since it goes without saying that I have a tendency to get rather wound up, I thought this might be a good one to try.
While making my first cup back at the store, I looked over the ingredients:

Uh, catnip? What? Why is there catnip in my tea? 
Curious as to why the people at Celestial Seasonings would put an herb that generally makes felines act as if they've taken up use of illegal stimulants, I performed what will probably reign supreme as the strangest thing I have ever Googled at work: "Effects of catnip on humans". Lo and behold, I learned from this site that catnip is used for the following: 
   -relief of anxiety attacks
   -relief of insomia
   -reduction of respiratory problems
   -toothache remedy
   -relief of stomach aches
   -healing of wounds
   -improvement of IBS symptoms

It is also extremely dangerous for pregnant women to use, as it can induce uterine contractions.

All that aside, the tea is pretty good, and it actually is quite effective in its purpose. Perhaps, I should have had some of that last night. Live and learn, right? 
(PS--I did run today, and despite the lingering throat soreness, I felt awesome. Rest day theory, FTW!)

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