Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Frustrated, Incorporated"

For 2 1/2 brilliant weeks, I was starting to feel OK about Grandma's training. I was starting to feel OK about going in to marathon training. I was thinking maybe I was actually being someone of worth at my place of employment. Maybe, maybe, this was all going to work.
Then, cue plague, pt 2.
It started hitting on Friday. My 12 mile run was marked with disgusting coughing spasms and stops for the all-classy "snot rocket". I made it, but in no good time, and not feeling the best afterward.
Saturday arrives. I'm coughing like I'm a stage 4 emphysema patient. Probably not fit to be in public, but there I was behind the counter at DRC, battling Tent Sale crowds. Despite my co-worker's pleas, I stick out the entire shift.
Sunday--same. This time, I call in, hoping ANOTHER day of laying around on the couch, once again leaving my coworkers hanging.
Monday--same! Not feeling bad, aside from the incessant hacking, I go to work and about my business, but was sent home.
So, I broke down, and for the first time in years I went to the doctor. Despite my deep, complete fear of doctors and the entire healthcare industry, the woman I saw was fantastic. She narrowed it down to 2 possibilities--either an atypical bronchitis or RSV. We're throwing a Z-pack at it, and one more day of being a lazy, worthless, co-worker letting down, hacking pile of useless, and hopefully this will do the damn trick this time.
Is my frustration showing at all in that last sentence? Because that was my intent. I'm beyond frustrated at myself and the situation. I feel like I should just tough through it, keep training, be at work, do all the housework, be the supergirl. I feel that is the expectation, and I'm letting others and myself down by not hitting it. It's leaving me incredibly, incredibly frustrated and angry.
So, body: listen up. This whoe non-functioning thing is no longer an option. It's time to get your act together. We have stuff to do. We have a job to do, we have a race to train for. It's time to knock off the sickness routine and get back to it.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Hello again, hello"

I know. I disappeared again.

I've started about four or five different posts, only to close the page, delete the contents, or completely forget where I was going with the post. I also got tangled up in trying to do my first more-or-less "sponsored" blog post, which has been harder to tackle than I thought. I promise that one is coming by the end of the week.
So, forget content. Forget flow. I'm just going to verbally explode on the screen and hit post. Sound OK? It better.

So, I have completely abandoned the training plan from the Grandma's site. It just wasn't working for me. Maybe it's just my horrible time management, or any other of a million excuses, but I didn't like it. I'm now back on the "completely winging it" plan, which has always been more enjoyable for me.
I did have a few setbacks toward the end of March. First, after trying to squeeze 6 days of training in to 4, my calf decided to give me a giant middle finger. I'm still not sure exactly what happened, but it felt like a giant knot that was getting pulled tighter and tighter with every step I took, even just walking. I took a few days off to let that work itself out (with lots of help from my BFF's the foam roller and heating pad).
Just as that resolved, I got KO'ed by a bug. Again, not quite sure what it was, but it felt a lot like the flu I got last year. That took another 5 days to shake itself out, and my lungs are just now starting to not feel full of gunk.
My first week back on the run was also back on my home turf--good ol' TC, MI. I went home for a week to hack through the rest of the big shindig details. It was 5 days of super-productivity. And, it always amazes me how easy getting a run in is when I'm with my family. It is truly a home that revolves around it. So, in the midst of traveling, planning, visiting, a shower, and everything else that came with that week, I put down a (decent for me) 26 mile week. Behind from this point last year, but all things considered, I'll take it.
This past week, coming back home, I was determined to keep on this roll. I got in a 25 mile week, which again is decent if not behind from this point last year. I finally got in a double-digit run on Saturday before work, which was good for me mentally if nothing else. I'm also thinking that it might not be bad for me to practice the feeling of running long like that and immediately hightailing it to DRC, seeing as that's what will happen at Grandma's. (Oh, the joys of working run specialty. It's not all fun shoes and chatting up other runners.)
So, I'm feeling good about how the Grandma's training is to this point. I do need to start thinking ahead to Walker pretty soon here, though. Right now, I'm 20 weeks out, which is the standard starting point for most marathon training plans. However, with a half-marathon in 8 weeks, a wedding in 9, and a honeymoon soon after, I have a lot to work around.

In other fun news, the first round of marriage-shindig presents have arrived via bridal shower and caravan from Michigan to Wisconsin to Minnesota. Among these, from my fantastic soon-to-be-in-laws, a blender. I have been wanting one since I lost mine in the Great Breakup Apocalypse of '08, so I'm beyond excited it's here. Buy stock in produce, friends. It has been SmoothiePalooza here since Sunday and I don't see it stopping any time soon.

OK, time to be off to work. Have fun!
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