Sunday, March 18, 2012

"We Made It Through Another Week"

Week 2 of GBHM training in the books. And, ladies and gentlemen: I hit the target mileage.

27 miles in the books. It's still pretty low, I feel, but I'm on to something.
I did make a few tweaks to the plan this week, though: I took the 5 and the second 3 on the plan and combined them in to an 8, thus giving me 2 days off. This week felt very manageable, even if the 3-6-8-6 right at the end felt... rough.

Other notable points from this week:
~First run in shorts (Tuesday)
~First noticeable tan lines from running (a band on my legs from where my capris end and my socks start)
~TMI Warning: First use of the "Stow-N-Go" feature on my new North Face bra. Conclusion: handy, but not for the shy or modest woman. You are reaching down your shirt. A lot. In public. And it is awkward as heck. But, it held: my cell phone, my ID, my debit card, and varying amounts of cash as the evening progressed. And, it all stayed and felt secure, even if I did have a strange looking 3rd bump on my chest.
~SO much time at the store. Between the fun run we put on Sunday night, the sports bra clinic we had on Wednesday, all the UMD kids being gone for break, I was there a lot. 

So, on to week 3:
Already, I'm plotting how to make this work. We're most likely going to the Cities on Saturday and Sunday, and as I have learned with hockey trips, it's just better to have those as off days. (Last years disastrous ending to the evening after I ran a 10 mile race in the morning and then spent the day tailgating and hanging with hockey fans taught me a lesson: don't do that.) I have a few ideas on how to make it work, we shall see what plays out. I do know this: I will hit 32 on the week. I need to do some serious catching up on my mileage (I'm still only at 186 on the year), and I know that if I play my cards right and manage my time properly, I can and will make it happen. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

"It's been one week..."

One week of Grandma's training in the books.
I had decided to use one of the training plans offered on the website. They're 15 week plans, so it fit perfectly.
Or so I thought.
Week 1 was a straight 7 days of training. Uhhh... right. I went in to it with the best of intentions, to see what my body would do with 7 straight days of running. What I soon learned was not that my body could not handle it, but rather the life I lead right now does not allow for 7 days a week of running. I have learned that I have times set aside for running on some days, and on other days that time has to be set aside for other responsibilities.
I battle a lot with the idea that I'm not a real runner, or that I'm a bad example of a runner. However, if it comes down to having clean dishes or clothes or food in the fridge or hitting a mileage goal, at this point in my life I have to choose that first option.
Week 2 looks a bit more realistic:
Very realistic. I am much more hopeful for week 2.
Here goes nothing... again.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

"So, Here Goes..."

Sunday night, I could not sleep. I tried every trick in my book, but it was just not happening. I had spent the day working on things for this June Shindig we're having, and my mind was just racing and not going to quit.

Around 12:30 or so, I decided to just get up and mess around on the computer a bit more. When I checked my e-mail, I noticed a billing receipt.
I had forgotten that February 27 was the day the Garry Bjorklund Lottery results were announced. Apparently, when they said February 27, they meant "the second that clock hits 12:00:00 immediately following the date of February 26." When I recognized the amount I was charged, I realized what had happened. I had a spot in the half.
8 pretty much sleepless hours later, this little gem showed up in my mailbox--

Aw, thanks, guys!

So, one more thing in the middle of June.

Here's where I am with it: I am going to properly train for this race. I was lucky enough to be given the spot, which means someone else didn't get one. It would be unfair to myself, that person, and the race itself for me to not do this right. I will make sure I am in good shape and fully prepared come race day.

However, while I plan on training properly and not wasting the race, I am not going to all-out race it. This run will be about:
1. Experiencing what it is like to participate in a Grandma's Marathon weekend race.
2. Making sure I still get a run in during the madness that is Grandma's Marathon weekend.
3. Having as much freaking fun as humanly possible.

If I had to say a time, I will say that I'd like to be in around 1:50. It's still respectable for a recreational runner like myself.

The bride outfit is in the works. I have been given a blinking light ring to wear, and my co-workers and I are researching apparel and an option for a veil.

So... here comes the bride.

PS--what does the groom have to say about this? "Cool," was about all I got out of him, along with, "don't get injured."
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