Sunday, March 18, 2012

"We Made It Through Another Week"

Week 2 of GBHM training in the books. And, ladies and gentlemen: I hit the target mileage.

27 miles in the books. It's still pretty low, I feel, but I'm on to something.
I did make a few tweaks to the plan this week, though: I took the 5 and the second 3 on the plan and combined them in to an 8, thus giving me 2 days off. This week felt very manageable, even if the 3-6-8-6 right at the end felt... rough.

Other notable points from this week:
~First run in shorts (Tuesday)
~First noticeable tan lines from running (a band on my legs from where my capris end and my socks start)
~TMI Warning: First use of the "Stow-N-Go" feature on my new North Face bra. Conclusion: handy, but not for the shy or modest woman. You are reaching down your shirt. A lot. In public. And it is awkward as heck. But, it held: my cell phone, my ID, my debit card, and varying amounts of cash as the evening progressed. And, it all stayed and felt secure, even if I did have a strange looking 3rd bump on my chest.
~SO much time at the store. Between the fun run we put on Sunday night, the sports bra clinic we had on Wednesday, all the UMD kids being gone for break, I was there a lot. 

So, on to week 3:
Already, I'm plotting how to make this work. We're most likely going to the Cities on Saturday and Sunday, and as I have learned with hockey trips, it's just better to have those as off days. (Last years disastrous ending to the evening after I ran a 10 mile race in the morning and then spent the day tailgating and hanging with hockey fans taught me a lesson: don't do that.) I have a few ideas on how to make it work, we shall see what plays out. I do know this: I will hit 32 on the week. I need to do some serious catching up on my mileage (I'm still only at 186 on the year), and I know that if I play my cards right and manage my time properly, I can and will make it happen. 

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